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Moonlight Studios Wedding – Emily and Jon

Their love story:
We both went to the University of Illinois, but didn’t know each other there. After graduation, I started work and instantly bonded with another co-worker named Jasleen. That year she had a St. Patrick’s Day party, where I finally got to meet her brother and his 2 best friends that I had been hearing about for months. Jon was one of those friends – it sounds cliche but we connected instantly. I felt it. So I was VERY bummed ( and surprised) when he didn’t immediately ask me out. Figuring it must be all in my head, we went our separate ways and came back together a few months later for Jasleen’s birthday bash. We (literally) locked eyes from across the room, were inseparable all night and have been each other’s best friends ever since. I learned later that at that St. Patrick’s Day party, Jon had been incorrectly informed I was with someone, hence why he didn’t ask me out. We still jokingly laugh about those few “lost” months today 🙂 Last November Jon and I fulfilled a LIFELONG dream of mine, and rescued an adorable pup who we named Penny Lane. On December 12th, I came home from a workout and walked through the door to be greeted as usual by Penny. It took me a few seconds to notice she had a ribbon tied around her neck – before I could get a good look I heard Jon whistle for her from our bedroom. When I followed her inside, there were flowers and candles everywhere. Jon told me he loved me and got down on one knee to untie my engagement ring from around Penny’s neck. It was perfect – simple, quiet, private – just our little family 🙂

Ceremony/Reception- Moonlight Studios
Photographer- Esther Stirbu (Oh So Lovely Photography)
DJ/Band Name- Toast and Jam – Sean Jacobi
Wedding Dress Shop/Designer- Weddings 826
Bride’s Jewelry- Etsy
Bridal Shoes- Target
Groom’s Attire/Designer- The Black Tux
Invitations/Save the dates- Shutterfly
Caterer- Amazing Edibles
Cake/Desserts- Stan’s Donuts
Florist- Something Borrowed Blooms
Hair and Makeup- Patty McGuire Hair & Makeup
Photo Booth- Zippy Booth

Music: Discovering by Adrian Disch

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