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My Maternity Shoot

For the past year I’ve been wanting to create a blog to showcase some of the weddings we shoot during the year. I also wanted to share a bit of our personal lives so that our clients, family, and friends can see what we’ve been up to. Well, after several of months I’m finally launching our blog as I sit here with mini contractions! Our baby boy is due any day now and I decide to launch a blog! Yes, I know, I’m Crazy.

To kick off our first post and probably our longest post, I want to celebrate Baby R coming any day, and talk about the concept of my maternity shoot shot by my amazing husband. 🙂

When I was about six months pregnant I started coming up with the concept for my maternity shoot, and started researching amazing maternity photographers. After narrowing it down to a few ladies in the area, I told Alan my plans to hire a photographer and he instantly shot me the “really” look. Alan asked, “Why are you going to hire someone when I can take them for you?” It never crossed my mind to ask my own husband to take my maternity photos. I mean we are photographers/videographers, but he’s more into video than photo so I didn’t really think about it. Part of my reluctancy is because he always tells me I’m beautiful no matter what even when I haven’t showered and am still wearing make-up from the previous day. I wanted my photographer to be down right honest and to tell me if I had a double chin or if my smile was weird and I knew he wouldn’t do that.

Needless to say I agreed on him taking the photos. A week before my photoshoot I searched the internet for the perfect dress. I wanted the photoshoot to have a home-y cozy feel. So I knew I wanted a sweater dress. I found the perfect dress on, I actually purchased an extra large in the women’s sizes because I couldn’t find anything on the maternity websites. I was a little nervous, but when the dress arrived it fit the baby bump perfectly! The night before the photoshoot I had this idea of getting mommy and daddy coffee mugs made. I contacted one of my past clients Areli and she was able to make the mugs on such short notice, she literally saved the day!  I originally wanted to have Alan apart of the photoshoot (set-up a tripod and take the photos ourselves) but then decided that I wanted this to be all about me, I know a little selfish, oh well.

The day of the shoot I did my makeup, curled my hair, and we started the session. I told Alan exactly how I wanted the photos to come out and even showed him some examples from Pinterest. As soon as he snapped a photo I had to see what it looked like, which I really liked because I was able to adjust my pose or face on the spot. We shot most of the photos in the nursery (stay tuned for the full nursery reveal coming soon) and a few shots in our bedroom. Once I edited the photos, I had to admit, Alan did a pretty darn good job. He was so proud of himself and now even clients are asking for him to take their maternity photos. I think it’ll be the cutest thing ever when our baby is all grown up and he’ll be able to tell our son that he took mom’s maternity photos himself!



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